July 22 2016 / / Outdoor
Back in June, I was in the RTP area for work and took the opportunity to do some site seeing over the weekend. It’s funny, I’ve become totally spoiled at home with the ubiquity of service provider Wi-Fi that when I travel in the US, I’m usually reminded that this type of access is not as ubiquitous everywhere. In the regular places I visit in San Jose, CA and in RTP, I’ve yet to see the physical signs of SP Wi-Fi.
July 20 2016 / / Indoor
The folks that organize and run the network at Cisco Live do an awesome job of making sure there’s Wi-Fi throughout the entire conference location. They also do not skimp out on the number of APs they deploy. It only happened one time where I was in a room that didn’t have an AP (but there was an AP right outside the door). Every other room had at least one AP.
July 18 2016 / / Outdoor
I suppose you can’t call it “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” if there’s no Wi-Fi, right? Cisco 1552 outdoor APs are attached to the underside of the overhang at the grand stands: Cisco 1552 at Calgary Stampede The scale of this picture is hard to grasp. It appears the ceiling is rather close to the camera but just look at the size of the AP; the ceiling is actually dozens of feet away.
July 18 2016 / / Indoor
Cisco Live US 2016 was held in Las Vegas this year which meant the Customer Appreciation Event was held in the brand new T-Mobile Arena. This arena has Cisco Stadium Vision which basically means it’s tricked out with Cisco-powered digital signs and TVs and of course, pervasive Wi-Fi. At first I couldn’t spot any of the APs or antennas! But then I realized they were carefully installed so as to blend into building.
June 13 2016 / / Indoor
I went to Duke University! As a visitor 😁 And naturally I kept an eye out for wireless gear. One obvious place I found some: at one of the libraries. At one of Duke University's libraries At one of Duke University's libraries Looks like they’re a Cisco shop on campus. An unexpected place I saw WiFi was at the Duke Chapel. Duke Chapel A little UBNT device at the back of the Duke Chapel
June 7 2016 / / Outdoor
Ryan (@homeychan99) sent me a pic of what looks like a Cisco 1552 with a panel antenna at the Calgary Zoo. CIsco 1552 (I think?) at Calgary Zoo
June 5 2016 / / Indoor
From an anonymous contributor at an anonymous location: a “creative installation” in a warehouse: Anonymous And yes, I believe that is the permanent mounting position.
May 23 2016 / / Indoor
The Target department store in Kalispell, MT has a unique flush mount being used in their hanging ceiling. Guessing those are Cisco 1700 or 2700 series APs? I need to get better at identifying these.
May 13 2016 / / Indoor
Sneaky rogue! “Did you install an unauthorized access point in the office?” “Uhmm… no? What antenna? Idon;tknowwhatyou’retalkingabout”
May 3 2016 / / Indoor
The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary has Meru APs in the lobby. And then in the guest room I found a little AP under the desk with a wired port off it. Curious why this and not APs in the hallway like most hotels.